Instructions — Crypto Exchanges Made Simple

  1. On the Change NOW crypto exchange page, select the currency you want to exchange from in the drop-down menu.​ Next, enter the amount of that currency in the "You Send" field. Use decimals as desired.

  2. Select the currency you'd like to receive next to the "You Get" drop-down menu. The approximate amount you'll receive will automatically generate. 

  3. Select Exchange

  4. A new window will appear. Paste your wallet address (which is also your recipient address) of the crypto you wish to receive. You can also scan the QR code from your mobile device.

  5. Select Confirm

  6. A new window will appear. Confirm your wallet/recipient address. If it's correct (double or triple check for accuracy), send the amount of crypto to the larger address at the top of the box. For example, it will say "Send (.05) (BTC) to this address". 

  7. Send the desired amount of crypto from your wallet to the "Send..." address. Once again, double or triple check the address for accuracy. 

  8. Once sent, in a few moments, you will see a prompt at the bottom of the box that says "Waiting Exchange".

  9. In about 15-30 minutes you will see a new prompt that says "Sending". The crypto you've exchanged for is on its way to your wallet.

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