Crazy 4 Cryptos is joining Katy Perry, World Poker Tour and others, by offering their own unique collectable NFTs (non-fungible tokens)— for the first time ever. NFTs are rights or ownership to digital content. They can be unique or limited edition digitized art, movie clips, limited song rights, in-game items for video games; some can even be redeemed for physical items or experiences, such as T-shirts, backstage passes, consultations and much more.

Investing in NFTs can be fun and *profitable, and the market is growing in value exponentially. An article from Reuters (July 5, 2021) states: "The market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) surged to new highs in the second quarter, with $2.5 billion in sales so far this year, up from just $13.7 million in the first half of 2020..."

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*NFTs can go up in value but they are not guaranteed to do so.