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Why we'll see $20 XRP and $10K+ Ethereum

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

A client the other day told me he had no Ethereum.

"Should I have Ethereum in my portfolio?" he asked.

"Yes, it's a Blue Chip. Gotta have some Eth" I replied.

Eth, Bitcoin BTC (but I am a bigger believer in Bitcoin Cash BCH), and to a lesser extent Litecoin and Digibyte, should be in every investors portfolio. These are all Blue Chips.


I believe there is a good case for $10K ETH, based on total money supply, but also the Smart Contract and world-changing tech it's providing. $10,000 ETH could be conservative in a couple of years.

I also believe we'll see $20 XRP from its current price of just $.21. After all, XRP went from $.006 to $3.50; we can easily see it go 100x from here, especially with all the banks they are on-boarding which is more than 500 of them.

DeFi, which is short for Decentralized Finance, is going to be huge. An example of a DeFi platform is Ethereum, and also the "parts" that make Eth work better, such as LINK and 0x. But it's not just ETH, there are other smart contract DeFi platforms such as Tezos, IOST, NEO and Bitcoin Cash that will also do well. Yes, BCH will be a heavy player for Smart Contracts and tokens built on its blockchain. Even DigiByte will have a part in this...

XRP is part of the DeFi movement as well. I know some people don't like this 'Bankers Coin', but we need to realize the banks won't totally disappear-- XRP and/or Stellar (XLM) will play a part of the new financial system coming, and the banks will be using it.

The people who doubt these "astronomical" prices either weren't part of the 2017 bull run, or they were, but have capitulated, either literally or mentally.

I hope people can understand what's going on behind the scenes. But myopia is the current order of the day for many. My job is to take the blinders off.

2019 (so far) wasn't like 2017, but it's just a matter of time when we'll see the Golden Bull once again.

I hope people are prepared, and have some XRP... as well as ETH. Also, some of the other coins mentioned above or in my Crypto Insiders group.

With a lot of fear going on in the crypto space, remember what Warren Buffett said, "We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful."

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