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Bitcoin Cash Continues To Dominate Australia For Crypto Payments

TL;DR: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) continues to dominate Australia for crypto payments with a 90%+ dominance over the past three months.

In early September 2019, there was a #Bitcoin Cash City Conference, where BCH and crypto enthusiasts in general gathered for a two-day event to learn more about censorship-resistant and peer-to-peer digital cash (crypto), and to learn more about Bitcoin Cash and its super-fast, two-second-transaction-speed.

People who attended the conference were able to spend Bitcoin Cash with many vendors; such as hotels, restaurants, spas, entertainment and more. Naturally, #BCH dominated crypto spending in the city of Townsville where the conference was held. But, it wasn't just Townsville where the new version of Bitcoin was used. BCH spending was and continues to be used throughout Australia.

BCH had a very convincing use-case of about 92.5% in September.

But, opponents of the improved version of Bitcoin said that September was just a fluke, and that the BCH dominance would not last.

In October, the dominance dropped about a 1.5 percentage points, to 91%. This was still a major undertaking, to have vendors accepting Bitcoin Cash 9 times out of 10.

However, the numbers for November were stronger than ever: a 93% dominance for BCH, over BTC (Bitcoin Core), BSV and others.

There is no denying that Bitcoin Cash is the crypto of choice for Australia. One of the reasons for its usefulness is not only the fast transactions speeds, but also the Bitcoin Cash Register app, which takes just a minute to setup, and merchants are able to accept BCH in just a few moments.

(Download the Bitcoin Cash Register app for free from the App or Play Store or here

Another advantage of accepting BCH and crypto in general, is that vendors will usually see an increase in business. Many crypto-investors like to be able to spend their crypto— some will go out of their way to patronize a business just because they accept cryptocurrencies.

And, when a retail merchant accepts crypto — in this case Bitcoin Cash — they can 'put themselves on the map' and mark their business on the Marco Coino app (go to the App or Play Store to download, or click here, which shows that they accept the crypto, and their business will be pinpointed similar to how Google Maps displays businesses and locations.

I expect #BitcoinCash to continue to dominate Australia for crypto payments, and that other countries will adopt it in 2020. Venezuela is still an economic disaster, and BCH is accepted by hundreds of merchants, particularly in Caracas. Also, there's a major grocery store chain in Slovenia that has found the crypto's usefulness, and users are able to buy more than 20,000 household items with Bitcoin Cash.

Japan and Hong Kong has shown acceptance of the 5th-ranked cryptocurrency as well.

Disclaimer: It is my opinion that Bitcoin Cash will be the dominant crypto for the world when it comes to face-to-face, merchant acceptance. However, if it's another cryptocurrency that takes over, I will be just as happy. I am wanting economic freedom for all and hoping one day we will escape government issued fiat currencies and inflation/hyperinflation all together.

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