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Kim Dotcom Will Help To Create The "Killer App" To Bring Bitcoin Cash To The Masses

Here is his Tweet:

Kim Dotcom has more than a billion users on his websites and other media. Now he's going to help with Bitcoin Cash mass adoption.

Why Bitcoin Cash?

Because it's what Bitcoin used to be: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Bitcoin lost this concept about 4 or 5 years ago, and it particularly showed its ineffectiveness when Bitcoin approached $20,000. Back then it cost about $50 send ANY amount of BTC; a $5 cup of coffee spent with BTC was $55.

Now, Bitcoin maximalists want us to believe it's a "store of value". That was never mentioned in the Satoshi White Paper. The reason Bitcoin became so popular and valuable over its 11 year lifespan, is because it was Electronic Cash. Nearly free to send.

It's anything but free now. And when Bitcoin becomes more valuable, the high fee issue will show its ugly head once again.

Even though a lot of people don't like to hear this; this is why I like Bitcoin Cash. Fortunately the tide is starting to change, and I don't seem like a black sheep as much as I used to.

My job to my clients is to help them reach maximum ROI with crypto. I believe BCH will do that much better than BTC over time.

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