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Nobel Prize-Winning Economists Says Crypto Should Be Shut Down

Cryptocurrencies give governments, economists and the like nightmares. Okay, that might be a bit strong and exaggerated, but it sure worries them a lot.

Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel prize-winning economists, wants them all to be shut down.

The challenge with that, Joseph, is that they can't be shut down.

How could you shut down the 280,000 nodes that's supporting #DigiByte? Or the 10's of thousands of mining computers that are mining #bitcoin, #bitcoincash, #litecoin, #ethereum and others?

This is what decentralization is all about. Censorship resistance.

Yes, I see how cryptos are a threat: they threaten the existence of fiat currencies, bad monetary policy, overspending, big government, and more.

Cryptos are created and 'minted' by the people. Not big .gov.

That's the beauty of them, and that's what excites me and soon the sleeping public will have their "ah-ah" moment.

Here is the video. It just makes me more bullish than ever for cryptos and digital assets.

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