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Getting started

Crypto-investors usually start with buying bitcoin first. ChangeNOW enables users to buy Bitcoin and more with a credit card. The link to ChangeNOW here: https://changenow.io

Once Bitcoin is bought, it can then be converted to alternative coins, (or alt coins) by using the ChangeNOW instant and anonymous exchange: https://changenow.io


An excellent way to get into the crypto game, is to use an anonymous peer-to-peer exchange and buy Bitcoin Cash* (BCH) instead, which should have a tremendous ROI, perhaps even better than Bitcoin. This is a great entry point with basically no limits on buying or selling, and the fee to buy is about 1%. Link here: https://local.bitcoin.com

https://buy.bitcoin.com/ offers the option to buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash with a credit card, for a 7.5% total fee.

We have also used https://www.coinmama.com/ to buy bitcoin with a credit card. The fees are 10% total; 5% for the exchange, and a 5% credit card processing fee. 

Bitcoin ATM's are an easy and usually anonymous means to buy bitcoin and other cryptos. The fees are usually the highest of all the buying options, ranging from 12% to 20%. However, buying cryptos and bitcoin at a higher-than-usual rate is better than not having any at all. Here is a bitcoin ATM tracker that shows where many of the ATM's are located around the world. https://coinatmradar.com/

https://www.coinbase.com/ is where many new users have started in the past. However, Coinbase lately has made it more difficult to open an account. On top of that, most of the time they limit new account purchases to just $50, and then slowly increase limits over time. Coinbase is still a good option for established account holders.

Something funny happened with bitcoin that no one told you about

*Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin, which took place in August 2017. The two blockchains split because Bitcoin (BTC) became less efficient since its creation, so Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was developed. Bitcoin Cash is a much more affordable (yet more advanced) version of Bitcoin, valued at about 3% of the price of Bitcoin.


It is interesting that Bitcoin Cash is being adopted rapidly around the world— it's the most widely used crypto for retail transactions in the world, and now with an eye-opening 92% market share for all of Australia as of September 2019. 

To find a local merchant who accepts Bitcoin Cash, check this site https://map.bitcoin.com/ Or download the Bitcoin Cash Map from the App or Play Store for iOS and Android devices.