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Learn about wire transfers, buying and swapping cryptos, domain names and Bitcoin beginner guides. 

We have found that the best way to buy crypto is through Caleb and Brown crypto brokers. Caleb and Brown is located in Melbourne, Australia, but they can service virtually any country and all states in the U.S., with the exception of New York. They are open seven days a week, and have extended operating hours to suit any timezone. 

After sending C&B a wire transfer, they can buy almost any cryptocurrency— thousands of different cryptos including hard-to-get coins and tokens. They're not limited to just 5 or 10 cryptos like most crypto brokers. 

The trading fees are normally as much as 5%, but if you follow the link below, it will save you 30% which means the fees will be just a 3.5% flat fee. Minimum order is $2000.

Once you sign up with them, you will have a personal broker that you will be dealing with for all buys, trades and when it's time to sell. C&B's customer service is tops and we highly recommend them. 


Be sure to mention you're a Crazy 4 Cryptos client, member or site visitor. 

Buying Cryptos with a Credit Card offers the option to buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash with a credit card, for a ~7.5% total fee. offers about 10 different cryptos. The fees are ~10% total; 5% for the exchange, and a 5% credit card processing fee. 

Buy through a Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM's are an easy and usually anonymous means to buy bitcoin and other cryptos. The fees are the highest of all the buying options, ranging from 12% to 20%. However, buying cryptos and bitcoin at a higher-than-usual rate is better than not having any at all. Here is a bitcoin ATM tracker that shows where many of the ATM's are located around the world.

Crypto Swaps

You can swap Cryptos with no account needed. Crazy 4 Cryptos has now partnered with two crypto exchanges where you can swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more, for other crypto's, in unusually less than an hour and with no account or KYC needed. You will need a wallet already set up since these exchanges are non-custodial. Meaning, they never hold your crypto investments and are sent directly to you.

 Get Theta, Chainlink, XRP, Polkadot, Zilliqa, Cardano, DigiByte and more. Exchange right now without any account needed by using the ChangeNow exchange below:   

Cryptos in you IRA

iTrust Capital is our recommended crypto IRA company. They allow you to buy six different cryptos as well as gold in your Individual Retirement Account. You can rollover a 401K or 403B as well as an existing IRA to iTrust Capital. The fees are only 1% to buy crypto, and $50 for each ounce of physical gold bought. This is the best rate of all the competitors. Follow the link below and get a one month membership for free.

If your crypto swap is taking more than three hours, please contact ChangeNow support and send them your transaction ID.
Domain Names

.Crypto and .Zil domain names​

It is important to get a .crypto or .zil domain name for your business, organization or for your personal or family name. In the future, owners of .crypto domain names will be able to accept fiat and crypto payments directly, without third-party involvement. Also in development, friends, clients and customers will be able to send encrypted messages to your .crypto/.zil domain name.


It is important to secure your name before someone else does.


Examples: SusanBJohnson.crypto, JamesSmithJr.crypto, AlexanderFamily.zil, StanfordU.crypto, BigBearBakery.crypto, RecycleTheWorld.zil, etc. These 'decentralized' domain names and a site attached to them, cannot be shut down or censored in any way. The cost is $40 for standard .crypto domain names and $20 for standard .zil names. This is a one-time payment; there are no recurring fees like traditional domain names.

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