About ... Me

Some call me 'Digital Dave' because I've had a digital or online business since the late-90's... from brokering logo'd apparel and promotional products, to selling a hot fitness product on Amazon, to now helping people get into digital assets like Bitcoin, Chainlink, Ethereum and others.

Digital assets, or cryptocurrencies (cryptos for short) is the most fascinating of all the digital entities I've been involved with.

In early 2017 I got my first Bitcoin(s) at the rate of $1050. After that I bought some crypto named XRP at less than a penny, and watched it go up to $3.40 a year later. This is when I began researching the crypto space like a mad scientists. And still do to this day.

Cryptocurrencies are non-inflationary, and can never be printed "upon demand", unlike the U.S. Dollar and other fiat currencies.

They can be a great way to preserve purchasing power, similar to gold. But cryptos are volatile at the same time. This is how they can make investors a lot of money in a short to medium period of time.


I've dedicated my life to researching cryptos and digital assets, and helping to safely on-board clients into the cryptocurrency universe. If we're patient, and smart; the returns can be astronomical.


XRP is a premium example.

Smart investors should put between 10% and as much as 50% of their investment wealth into cryptos. If and when (certain ones) go up 10x, 50x, 500x or more like in the past, generational wealth can be made and lives will change, even with as little as a $5000 investment.

My mission is to assist people who raise their hands and are willing to help themselves. I hope as many people as possible will be part of the cryptocurrency EVOLUTION, for their sake and for the sake of their loved ones.


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