Crypto Consulting

We offer three cryptocurrency consulting options.


Option 1 — Portfolio Review


If you'd like a one-time portfolio review via email, the cost is just a donation of .5 ETH (see below 'Donation Details' for more info).

Option 2 — Portfolio Review + Call

For a portfolio review plus a one-to-one call with Digital Dave, the donation cost is 1 ETH (see below 'Donation Details' for more info).

Option 3 — Personal Crypto 'Platinum' Mentorship

If you'd like to hire Digital Dave as your own personal crypto coach and mentor, there are two ways to donate. The first option is to join at the Platinum level on the Crazy 4 Cryptos patreon page here The cost is $997 per month. If it's sold out, then the other option is to pay in crypto. The cost is a one-time donation of $4995 payable in Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This is one-to-one support for six-months from DD and his team of crypto 'white hats'. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Donation Details

For option one or two, please use the ETH address below. If you're sending a donation for the Personal Crypto Mentorship (option three), you can send the equivalent of a $4995 in ETH, BTC or BCH. Send just a small amount ($5) of crypto first for safety. When it's received, we will then contact you to let you know when it's safe to send the full amount. Be sure to include your transaction ID (hash) in your email to along with your crypto portfolio (if applicable). You will be contacted soon after with instructions.

Ethereum (ETH): 0xBC6d6BE7B7da54514539b802Ef7Dd656E13f1635

Bitcoin (BTC): 15nU6WRyek4z4qAUBTvqmzk2YsWMSJoeFu

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): bitcoincash:qrlr5t6dcllzyf662gln2tqm6a5dfg9d5s8wmlufm7

About DD

Yo! It's Digital Dave. The crypto "mad scientist". To read a brief but fascinating story, click Here.

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