Crypto Consulting

Personal Crypto 'Platinum' Mentorship

If you'd like to hire Digital Dave as your own personal crypto coach and mentor, there is a one-time donation of 24 Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This is one-to-one support for one year from D.D. and his team of crypto 'white hats'. 


If you're a long-term investor and want to do things correctly from the ground up, with the Crypto Platinum level, you'll have Dave as your very own PERSONAL crypto coach, no matter where you are in the world.

Personal coaching and mentorship includes:


- An initial one-to-one call to help you with your long-term wealth-generation goals

- Monthly calls to help keep you on track with your crypto investments


- Help with opening and using a trade or brokerage account so you can buy other cryptocurrencies (alt coins)

- Setting up your wallet, and properly securing your secret phrase as a backup in case there is a computer crash or if it's lost or stolen
- Getting your cryptos secured on a cold wallet (offline) for maximum security

- Priority tech support if there were to ever be an emergency (funds disappearing, wallet won't open, etc.)

- A customized exit strategy for when it's time to cash out

- You'll get 1st-priority, 'hands-on' personal assistance, even if you're on the other side of the globe

This is for the serious student who wants to create maximum wealth with cryptos; it's for the investor who wants top-level security with their crypto portfolio so they don't get lost or stolen; and for the investor who wants assurance that they're on the right track to create generational wealth


If you're interested in having Dave as your personal mentor, feel free to email us at Serious inquiries only, please.


Note: Dave only accepts a maximum of two new Platinum clients per month.